Geelong & Surfcoast Doula Services - Supporting Geelong families since 2010

Geelong Surfcoast Doula Registration and Code Of Conduct
Geelong and Surfcoast Doula Services is underpinned by a strict Code of Ethics and Practice 

Our code determines that a doula must first understand their role is non - medical and defined as emotional, physical and informational support to birthing and post natal women and their partners. 

The Doula's role is to support the choices made by their client without prejudice and without contradicting the clients chosen medical providers.

Doulas must not impose their own personal beliefs onto a client but support education by providing unbiased evidence based research to assist parents to make their own choices for their birth. 

Our Doulas must always be professional and respectful in their attitudes to clients, medical providers and employees of hospitals and birth centres and independent midwifery practices.

A Doula must always outline her limitations of service in writing to her client before contracting her services.  

Our Doulas are required to:

Respect the clients individuality and beliefs

Treat every client with care and consideration 

Respect confidential information

Ensure the doula's own beliefs do not prejudice the needs of the client

Recognise the limitations and boundaries of our professional competence and refer when appropriate 

Work with colleagues in ways that best serve the clients interests

Avoid any act or situation that could compromise the dignity or privacy of the client

Be trustworthy in contacts with other health professionals

Strive to represent the profession with honesty and integrity 

Be aware of new developments and skills 

Work within the ethical criteria and ethos of the profession

If a client or medical professional feels a Doula has breached this code in any way we invite you to contact us and we will assist you to submit your complaint following our complaints procedure.