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Student Doula Support - Birth and Post Natal

Our Student doulas are committed to the highest standards of training and work closely with an experienced mentor doula throughout their trainee period.  Students will have completed theoretical components of the course and proven their knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth through completion of assessments. 

Your student doula will be able to support your through a process of developing your birth plan and assisting you throughout your labour using natural and complimentary therapies learned during their course. 

We also have students who are available as Post Natal Doula students. Post Natal Doulas assist you after the birth of your baby in your home with practical assistance caring for your baby while you rest, shower or care for other children, assist with daily household chores or meal preparation, assist with laundry or provide you with referrals to local groups or organisations that may improve your lifestyle. 6 hours assistance in total over a maximum of 3 days is available at no charge to you.  

You will also have the opportunity to speak with your doulas mentor should you wish to at any time. 

Many of our student doulas are mothers themselves who understand first hand your experiences and bring a wealth of experience from their own lives prior to embarking on this career.  

This program comes at no cost to you in return for your written feedback following your baby's birth.  This will assist your doula in developing her skills for her new career.  

Featured below is a list of current Student Doulas and Trainee Doulas who are looking for clients to finalise their training. Student Doula's are currently studying theory, Trainee Doulas have completed their theory and assessment and are looking for clients to assist in order to finalise their certification. Both student and trainee doulas offer their services at no charge. Listed beside their names is the remaining number of clients they can support  as a student  in order to complete their training.

Tegan Hinkley
Trainee Doula  (1)
Tegan Hinkley
Trainee Doula (1)
“ Hi, I’m Tegan. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with your family in a supportive and educational environment.

I am a family focused person and enjoy spending my spare time with my husband and two children. I am based in the East Geelong area.”

Student Client Testimonial

" Tegan was a great support and provided useful materials for me. She was especially helpful in providing some photography contacts, something I had completely forgotten about ! "

Jessica, Geelong
Margaret Waack
Trainee Doula (2)
Margaret Waack
Trainee Doula (2)
“ Hi, my name is Margaret. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl born by caesarean section in 2015.

I am a very creative person and I make candles and melts as well as scrapbooking.

Birthing and motherhood is such an amazing thing and every woman deserves personal support and to have their needs respected and carried out.”
Patricia Eastick 
Trainee Doula   (Placements full)
Patricia Eastick
Trainee Doula (Placements full)
“ Hi, my name is Patricia and I am a mum of 5. I have a passion for pregnancy and birth and supporting families through this life changing experience.

I have personally had 3 vaginal births and twins delivered by c-section.

I would deeply love to offer my services to support you and your family. “
Abby Janev
Trainee Doula  (Placements full)
Abby Janev
Trainee Doula (Placements full)
Abby is a 23 year old mother of a 3 year old son and soon to be mother of a newborn.

Abby is passionate about all things relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

“ The birth of my son is what sent me on this path and I believe every woman and their family deserves a lot of support through these very important times”.

Student Client Testimonials -

" Abby was a God send, she was so great and I really appreciate having had her there, thank you. She kept me focused and was so encouraging when so many times I was struggling. She's gone above and beyond with everything she has done for us even researching things and giving me the info I needed on stuff before the birth..I was so lucky to have all her help, she is really lovely"

Hayley, Geelong
More trainee Doulas available
More trainee Doulas available
More students are currently completing their theory components and will be available for placement soon. Please contact us for availability and profiles. -
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