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Doula Support Packages

New - Hospital Doula Program 

Hospital Doula Program Geelong

Families birthing at Barwon Health University Hospital Geelong, St John of God Hospital Geelong, and The Epworth Geelong now have unique access to our on-call Doula program. This program provides on-call certified doulas for hire, from when you arrive at your birthing suite.     
Our hospital Doula teams work in 12 hour shifts 24/7 and you will have the opportunity to get to know our doulas if you choose to take part in our optional birth preparation classes.   
This unique program offers an affordable option for Doula support with the reassurance of having a highly trained and experienced professional Doula.   
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The fee for using an on call Doula is $390. 
Optional group birth preparation classes $25 per couple per session.

PLEASE NOTE - Pre registration is required for this program please contact us for registration paperwork prior to 36 weeks gestation. 

Private Doula Package 

Doula Support Packages GeelongDoula Support GeelongDoula Support GeelongChild Birth Doula Support Geelong
Our most popular support package. 
  • Your Doula will meet with you 4 times throughout your pregnancy  to discuss your birth and to guide you through the benefits, risks and alternatives for each of the decisions you have ahead. 
  • You will develop a birth plan you're comfortable with using unbiased research supplied to you by your doula. 
  • You will practise labour techniques to assist you during your birth.
  • You will have free access to our library of books and DVD's.  
  • You will also have access to our hire equipment including Labour Tens Machines and Birth Pool .  
  • You will have 24/7 email access to chat to your doula prior to your birth. 
  • Your Doula will be on call for you for up to 4 weeks before your birth and ready to come to you when called.  
  • During early labour your doula will meet you either at home or your chosen place of birth and remain with you providing you and your partner with support, keeping you both informed, as well as creating a beautiful birth environment.  
  • You will be able to pre select your preferred aromatherapy, massage, music, hot and cold pain relief, physical assistance with birthing positions, photographs of both parents with baby at birth and more.  
  • Your Doula will provide you and your partner with light snacks and drinks as required so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your moment.  
  • Your Doula will remain by your side throughout the entire labour, birth and post delivery leaving you only when you want privacy. Your Doula will create a safe environment where you feel nurtured and secure. 
  • Geelong and Surfcoast Doula Services also offers the reassurance of having a back up Doula on call at no extra charge in case your Doula is delayed or unable to attend your birth for any unforeseen reason. You will meet this Doula during your visits so you will be familiar with her and she will have a complete understanding of your needs.  
  • Following your birth your Doula will return for a post birth appointment to debrief your birth and to connect you to local groups and facilities that can support your early parenting experience.  

           Package Cost $899 - weekly payment plan available*

Final Weeks Birth Support Package

Child Birth Doula Support in GeelongThis private Doula package is designed for women after 35 weeks pregnancy who are looking for support during the final days or weeks (or sometimes hours) leading up to labour.                              
Your Doula will meet with you and your partner for a pre birth session to discuss the type of birth your want.                                          
You will have the opportunity to talk about any issues you may have or address any concerns. Your Doula will help to ensure you both feel relaxed and ready for your baby's birth.          
You will discuss techniques and positions for labour as well as enjoying a pre-birth massage. Your doula will help to outline your birth plan if you don't already have one and put a plan in place to ensure you feel fully supported on the day. 
When your labour begins your doula will meet you at your chosen place of birth and remain with you throughout your entire labour until your baby is in your arms and you no longer feel you need her support. 
Total Package Cost $549* Weekly payment plan available 

New Traditions Package

Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Support - Geelong and Surfcoast Doula Services
Designed especially for parents who have experienced birth before and have a clearer picture of what is important to them this time around. 

This package includes a de-brief of your previous birth experience and offers advice for celebrating birth with older children. 

This package offers two pre-birth appointments, labour support and a follow up appointment in your home. 

Total Package Cost $699 * Payment Plan Available

Postnatal Doula Services 
Post Natal Doula Support GeelongBringing your new baby home should be a joyful and memorable time. Having someone around to help your family transition smoothly to your new life allows you all to bond with your baby without the worry of getting life's daily chores done. Your doula will lovingly and quietly help to care for your home and family while being there if you want to chat about baby and any concerns you may have. 
Your postnatal Doula can assist you in the following ways .
  • Shopping and preparing meals for you family following your preferences.
  • Cleaning your kitchen, bathrooms and floors.
  • Making Beds.
  • Tidying.
  • Washing, ironing and folding.
  • Aromatherapy for your home. 
  • Caring for your baby in your home while you catch up on sleep or take a bath or shower. 
  • Caring for your baby and older children if you are unwell. 
  • Relaxation Massage targeting tension or problem areas.
  • Preparing refreshments for visitors while you enjoy sharing your new baby with them.
  • Talking to you about techniques for settling and feeding baby
  • Connecting you to any local services for medical support, therapy, counselling, social groups and more.

Postnatal Doula Services also make a wonderful gift and we offer gift vouchers for those seeking them. 

Postnatal Doula Services are available for $65 an hour (min 2 hours) 

Celebrations of Birth - Traditional Birth Blessing Package (Blessingway) 

Birth Doula Blessingway Celebration GeelongA beautiful alternative to the baby shower the Birth Blessing (Blessingway) Ritual is a traditional celebration of motherhood and new life. 

Surrounded by the women who are most valued by the mother for their wisdom and support this ceremony offers a chance to share experiences, reflect on the child that is within and celebrate new beginnings. 

Your doula will help plan a blessingway and guide your celebration through rituals and discussion that ensure you feel supported, cherished and focused on the joy that will be your baby's birth.  

This package includes an appointment to plan your Blessingway and 2 hours of hosting by your doula. 

Package Cost $245

Free Student Doula Support Package 
Please click here  for details on our free student doula support  program.