Geelong and Surfcoast Doula Services

Geelong and Surfcoast Doula Services

Supporting Geelong Families since 2010

No one can ever prepare you for the loss of a baby, but your Doula is here to hold your hand and guide you through the darkest hours. 

Grief and Loss Doulas have been through loss themselves and have chosen to assist other mothers and their families facing the same journey.

The loss of a baby can happen at any time and regardless of how many weeks gestation your baby has reached the intensity and overwhelming emotions require the same honoring. Our Doulas support women who are currently experiencing miscarriage, are preparing to lose a baby or who have recently experienced a loss. Your Doula will remain by your side if you are experiencing miscarriage at home.

All births deserve to be honored and respected.

Our services can include - 

  • 24/7 on call attendance
  • Guidance through understanding what is/has happened to you physically.
  • Listening to you and helping you process your emotions.
  • Supporting you and your partner through delivery of your baby either at home or in hospital. 
  • Support you in the choices and decisions you need to make during this time.
  • Guiding you through necessary paperwork 
  • Helping to collect keepsakes
  • Supporting you and your family with day to day tasks like housework and meals
  • Communicating with other children and family members to help them understand their valuable role in supporting you and one another. 
  • Assisting with Funerals and Ceremony (depending on babies gestation.)
  • Linking you with local support groups and organisations who may be able to assist you. 

The Grief and Loss Support Package is $550 (which can be paid via tailored weekly installments.)  -

This includes -

  • Attendance at the birth / delivery for as long as required. 
  • 2 x 90 min in person appointments. 
  • Phone support / referral.

Individual 90 minute appointments can also be scheduled at a cost of $80 per appointment.

Phone 0415 542 050  or  0414 485 803 for urgent assistance